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Coyuchi Robes And Towels

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With 25 years of experience in creating high-quality soft textile, add Coyuchi on your list for cozy gift ideas. If not for gifts, treat yourself to something that will last and is super soft. Today, we’re talking about Coyuchi Robes And Towels. When you step out of the bath, wrap yourself in the perfect fabric. Cloud Loom Robe …

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XTEND Portable Bathtub Weighs Less Than 10kg | By Carina Deuschl

If you’re on the road a lot you might miss the relaxing experience of soaking in your bathtub. Well, designer Carina Deuschl has created a portable bathtub that weighs less than 10kg so you can take your tub anywhere you go. The XTEND bathtub is cleverly designed and made from high-tech materials using innovative manufacturing …

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Looking to add something cool to your bathroom to spruce things it up a bit? We suggest that you start with your shower curtain, it’s very easy to change and you can get one that shows something awesome like the London Underground Map Shower Curtain. Designed by Izola, a company which makes awesome household items …

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Would you like to have a 450-million-year-old organism living in your bathroom? We presume that your initial response would be: “No way!” What if we told you that this organism is actually beneficial for you and that it feels good? Did we arouse your curiosity? If you are in mood for a naturalistic and very …

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LED Illuminated Translucent Ceramic Washbasins by Souhougama

A trio of Japanese designers Souhougama, Michio Akita and Masahiro Minami have created RENCA, SURIN and KEISHOU washbasins made of translucent ceramic. Minami has been experimenting with the heterogeneity of translucent ceramic (made of special Japanese clay) for years, while Souhougama originally developed the translucent ceramic technology. The washbasin has ultra-bright LED lighting which, when …

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