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SOAK | Wood Fired Hot Tub


SOAK is a beautiful outdoor wooden hot tub that can fit two people. It was inspired by the Japanese Ofuro soaking tub and the healing properties of water. It will create an intimate and relaxing atmosphere and let’s you enjoy the great outdoors even more. SOAK can be propane heated which gives you the option of …

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XTEND Portable Bathtub Weighs Less Than 10kg | By Carina Deuschl

If you’re on the road a lot you might miss the relaxing experience of soaking in your bathtub. Well, designer Carina Deuschl has created a portable bathtub that weighs less than 10kg so you can take your tub anywhere you go. The XTEND bathtub is cleverly designed and made from high-tech materials using innovative manufacturing …

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