LED Illuminated Translucent Ceramic Washbasins by Souhougama

A trio of Japanese designers Souhougama, Michio Akita and Masahiro Minami have created RENCA, SURIN and KEISHOU washbasins made of translucent ceramic.

Minami has been experimenting with the heterogeneity of translucent ceramic (made of special Japanese clay) for years, while Souhougama originally developed the translucent ceramic technology. The washbasin has ultra-bright LED lighting which, when switched on, makes the basin glow.

LED illuminated sink in the bathroom designed by Souhougama

With the use of translucent ceramics Minami was trying to mimic „the godliness of lotus blom floating on water“. This unprecedented product is a fusion of advanced Japanese technology and long lasting (up to 70,000 hours) waterproof LEDs. The collection of the translucent ceramic washbowls was displayed at the Lighting Fair in Tokyo in March 2013.

The prices range from 126,000 yen ($1,350) for Keishou washbasin to 210,000 yen ($2,250) for Renca and Surin models.

front view of a LED illuminated sink

closeup view of an LED illuminated washbasin

illuminated and non illuminated ceramic washbasins

Square LED Illuminated Ceramic Washbasin in the dark

Circular LED Illuminated Ceramic Washbasin in the dark

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