DC Men’s Peary Fashion Sneaker


Winter is already here and sometimes searching for the right boots can be a very difficult task. Especially if you’re the type of person that wears sneakers all the time. DC Men’s Peary Fashion Sneaker is the perfect combination of a light and comfortable sneaker and a strong winter boot.

This boot is made of stiff, strong and durable leather construction that offers much-needed stability and support while walking across rugged terrain. The DC boot has a 5-inch (12cm) long shaft. When it comes to lacing, Peary Fashion Sneakers by DC have D-rings and a very simple, old school and practical lacing system.

A single boot photographed from an angle.

These men’s boots are completely covered with heavy duty leather.

The bottom part of the boot is completely covered with a rubber sole. Although it offers pretty good support, this rubber sole will not last forever. After a while, it may start to wear off, especially if you constantly use these boots to walk across rough surfaces.

A boot captured from above.

They have a traditional and easy to use lacing system with D-rings.

A boot photographed from the front and the back end.

These boots are completely insulated and water resistant.

Peary Fashion Sneaker is completely water resistant so you don’t really have to worry about the weather conditions when you have these on. These completely insulated boots will keep your feet dry and warm during autumn and winter. Bottom line, this model is perfect for anyone out there who is used to wearing sneakers, because these boots are almost as light as any skater shoe out there but they have the stability and warmth of a proper winter boot.

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Boots captured from the side.

This DC boot is a combination of a very light sneaker and a strong and durable winter boot.

Check out these DC Men’s Peary Fashion winter boots from all angles here.

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