SOAK | Wood Fired Hot Tub


SOAK is a beautiful outdoor wooden hot tub that can fit two people. It was inspired by the Japanese Ofuro soaking tub and the healing properties of water. It will create an intimate and relaxing atmosphere and let’s you enjoy the great outdoors even more.

SOAK can be propane heated which gives you the option of using it when it’s cold outside. The stove is fully integrated into the body that is made from marine grade aluminum. The stove pipe is created from stainless steel and the rest of the tub uses locally harvested Red Cedar.

Soak Wood Fired Hot Tub From Above

SOAK is an outdoor hot tub that can be heated by both wood fire and propane heating.

You can place SOAK pretty much anywhere you like, just have in mind to have enough water to fill it. The good thing is that it doesn’t need any electricity to work. The dimensions of this amazing hot tub are 90” x 32” x 34”. Depending on the temperature outside just choose whether you’d like an authentic wood fire heating or propane heating and decide where you’d like to put it, the rest is just a matter of enjoying it.

Two People Sitting In Soak Wood Fired Hot Tub

SOAK is made to fit two people. It is portable and will provide you with the ultimate relaxation.

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