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Headphones are with us almost all the time. They need to be very practical, reasonably sized and fashion oriented due to the fact that they are pretty conspicuous up there on our heads.

In addition, they need to provide the sound of sufficient quality in order to be useful out on busy streets or in public transport. Here is a list that will present you some of the best headphones out there at the moment.

You will see how you can hide them, connect them to other devices, use them as chargers, or as amazing fashion accessories or simply stand out from everyone else.

Parrot Zik Best Headphone


A Bluetooth enabled headphone coming from designer Philippe Starck. They are available in three color variants – matte white with rose gold, matte white with yellow gold or black with black gold. Another distinctive feature is the intuitive touch panel in the right ear pad that reacts to slides of your finger in various directions. It is very easy to use and fun as well. This way you can even make a phone call. Moreover, the sound is just amazing and includes the digital sound processor algorithm that creates a concert hall effect. There is simply nothing wrong with these. | BUY | $250

Solar powered headphone


This amazing product used the idea of employing headphones to serve as an antenna, but moved further in the same direction using headphones as a charger. The headband features bendable solar cells that collect sufficient amount of energy to keep your mobile phone or iPad fully charged at all times while still offering great quality of sound. | BUY | £89

Top Best Headphones 06


Incase is the name well known in the Apple users’ world. Very stylish with soft matte finish, the Sonic headphones will hardly go unnoticed, while boasting timeless design. All the parts that get in touch with your head are made of memory foam and covered with suede, so they are surprisingly comfortable. | BUY | $74.99

Plantronics best headphones


These headphones are waterproof, compact, comfortable, wireless and they provide great sound. They get connected to smartphones, MP3 players or tablets via Bluetooth. They also weigh only 0.5 ounces and feature a tangle-free cable and frequency range of 20 – 20,000 Hz. | BUY | $55.79

Washable headphones


Yes, these are washable, unlike any other we have ever seen. Their removable ear cushions and headband can be washed in a washing machine. Other than this distinctive feature, the Humlan headphones feature Zound Plug that makes it possible to share music instantly. Moreover, they have a built-in microphone and remote so you can answer calls and choose songs. The sound is also great with full range frequency response and 100dB sensitivity. If you like the looks, but not the color, have no fear, they come in 10 different colors. | BUY | $31.95+

Best Headphones


These are made specifically for the ladies. Created by the industrial designer Maria von Euler, they are made of silk, satin and chiffon and, above all, extremely graceful and sophisticated. The speakers are hidden inside the cloth that resembles a stylish headband. Having in mind how fashion forward they are, it is no wonder that they are available in various colors. | BUY

The final three options are made of a material that is rarely used for headphones, but adds loads of style – wood.

Top Best Wooden Headphones


These were designed by a group that includes musicians, sound engineers and product designers from Romania. They provide the sound of highest quality with frequency response which varies from 12 Hz to 30 KHz, 116+/-3dB sensitivity, and 36 Ohm impedance. Being made of Ebony wood, Meze 88 Classics are very elegant and look retro even though they are compatible with all modern music devices. | BUY

Buy directly from the manufacturer here.

Square wood headphones


Anders Stai Fougner is a young designer from Oslo, Norway and he created these headphones that are truly different from any other out there. Wood.Head.Phones are handmade and custom fitted due to the fact that they are rectangular and made of oak, ash, walnut or cherry. Surprisingly enough, they are very comfortable to wear.

Top Best Wooden Headphones


Design-wise, these are our favorite ones. Very rustic and sturdy, these were created as a result of joint efforts of Grado Labs, Irish whiskey distillery Bushmills and the DJ duo consisted of actor Elijah Wood and his DJ companion Zach Cowie. The wood for the headphones comes from the recycled white pine that was used for barrels in the distillery. The headband also serves the design purpose well being made of leather. Surpassing numerous design and technology difficulties the creators really provided us with an amazing product to use and behold. | BUY

You can get these amazing headphones here.

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