With so many kinds of headphones on the market, sometimes it’s very hard to choose, but, if you are a lady, who likes to look sophisticated and elegant, while enjoying the good music, than the Molami Twine headphones are just the right ones for you.

The Molami Twine headphones are created by industrial designer Maria von Euler, as a result of her idea to ”frame and enhance the feminine face”.

A cloth made of silk, satin and chiffon is wrapped around two speakers, and, looking from afar, it resembles an ordinary stylish headband. The speakers can be adjusted with the help of the flexible clips, to which the speakers are attached and, while wearing, it provides additional comfort. Apart from its innovative looks, these headphones also produce clear sound.

The Molami Twine headphones are available in various colors, such as black, gold, silver and white.

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White Molami Twine Headphones

Molami Twine Headphones

Black Molami Twine Headphones with wire

Black Molami Twine Headphones in a box

Black Molami Twine Headphones

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