Fancy a change from boring designer headphones? Anders Stai Fougner, an imaginative 19-year-old student from Oslo, Norway, has designed and developed a really quirky set of wooden headphones called Wood.Head.Phones which are custom fitted and handmade in Norway. These striking and unconventional headphones are rectangular in shape and available in oak, ash, walnut or cherry. Surprisingly, they are also rather comfortable to wear.

Traditionally, musical instruments are made from wood because of its acoustic qualities, so, in case you are worried about audio quality in these headphones, don’t be because, supposedly, the quality of sound is fantastic. The headphones are environmentally friendly and you can even burn them after you are done using them.

At the time of this posting, Anders is currently running a crowdfunding campaign so he can finish the manufacturing process. watch video below

Grey square wood head phones

5 different types of square wooden headphones

square wood head phones angle view

Square wood head phones with wooden box

man wearing square wood head phones

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