Aiaiai is a Danish company established in Copenhagen in 2005 and their dedication surpasses the need for profit. Teaming up with experts in various fields, as well as artists, they manage to create products that clearly reflect the passion and devotion of the company.

The TMA-1 DJ headphones move in the same way, presenting wonderful combination of high quality sound, practical and sturdy build and stunning design.

First of all, they are labeled as DJ headphones, which has to mean they are durable. They are also very distinctive and there is no fear you will ever confuse them for some other headphones even though there are no labels or printing anywhere on them. The headphones are matte black and classy. The said matte finish is also resistant to fingerprints and scratches. All these things may seem less important, but DJ headphones tend to get damaged more often, so this is essential. They will work, as well as look, great after prolonged hard use.

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Aiaiai opted for ear pads, which are soft and comfortable, and they are easy to replace should there be a need to do so, thanks to their modular design. The cups feature 40mm closed titanium drivers that produce great bass response and no, they are not huge, even though they house these respectably-sized drivers. Great job by Aiaiai.

When it comes to sound the TMA-1 is even better. First of all, they provide full range of frequency response and accurately replicate the mix that the particular artist wanted to present. This is best seen with the bass response that can be incredibly hard-hitting in some songs, but also warm and subtle in others. Also, the middle range is well represented and full of texture. Vocals are amazingly clear and lush and high frequencies are slightly toned down, but still producing accurate and splashy sound. All this being said we can safely conclude that the TMA-1 produces one of the best sounds in this price range. Another great point for Aiaiai.

However, there are some downsides. Well, just one relevant to be honest. There is no padding on the headband, so prolonged listening can get a bit uncomfortable against your head even though ear pads are very comfortable and headphones very light. Another bad point might be the lack of passive noise isolation, but clear and well pronounced sounds, even at higher volumes, easily eliminate this as a problem.

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