These sturdy and elegant looking headphones called the Bushmills x Grado are the result of collaboration between the Brooklyn firm Grado Labs, Irish whiskey distillery Bushmills and the DJ group consisted of famous actor Elijah Wood and his DJ companion Zach Cowie.

So, a DJ duo and an audio manufacturer that is famous for his hand made open air headphones – this sounds ok.

But, what does a whiskey distillery have to do with this, you might ask. Well, they contributed by providing the material for the headphones –white pine that was recycled from the barrels that Bushmills used to store and, more importantly, age their whiskey. Great origins, right?

New challenges emerged quickly. They couldn’t just use the same design with a different material, print a logo on it and call it a day. This was the first time that Grado made closed back headphones. Open back headphones sound more natural due to the fact that they allow sound waves to flow. Still, the sound quality wasn’t damaged. This downside was eliminated thanks to the fact that the Bushmills xGrado headphones are open on the sides. Production was also a problem because the wood would crack and break during production, but the end product is more than sturdy and reliable.

Bushmill X Grado Headphones 1

The headband correlates well with the rest of the product. It is made of leather and its bulky and retro looks add to the overall design, rather than hinder it. The entire product is lightweight and compact, but probably not something you would like to carry on daily basis in your backpack in a crowded bus. Still, you might feel the urge to do so in order to have these headphones with you all the time, because they are so damn beautiful.

The sound is just the way Grado users are used to. It is clean and warm with wonderfully accentuated mid-range, but design lovers will probably be interested into this product the most due to its unusual and rustic looks. Grado managed to create attractive, though at $395, pretty expensive headphones that definitely give the impression of being associated with fine whiskey through their refined and elegant and hand-built design. watch video below

Bushmill X Grado Headphones 3

Bushmill X Grado Headphones 4

Bushmill X Grado Headphones 2

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