Incase is a company that usually makes iPhone cases and other Apple accessories, but they decided to delve into the headphone market and their first product is called Sonic Over-Ear Headphones.

The products that come from Incase have become popular mostly due to their simple functionality and great design, which is known to be very important for the fashion forward Apple products owners. The Sonic Over Ear headphones feature a wonderfully soft matte finish that make the design conspicuous, yet simple and utterly timeless. The materials are of high quality and, even though very simple looking, the Sonic headphones do not seem cheap. The earcups and the underside of the headband that rests against your head are both made of memory foam and covered with soft suede. This makes the Sonic very comfortable and amazingly pleasant.

Sonic Over Ear Headphones BY INCASE 5

When it comes to the sound, it is … middle of the road. This will by no means make you completely forget all your other music devices, but it is good enough. The highs and the mids are satisfactory, but the lows tend to get lost. The good point are the large earcaps since they help exclude the environment noise.

White Sonic Over Ear Headphones BY INCASE

The Sonic headphones are meant to be used mainly as Apple product accessory, meaning on the go. The cord length of 3.5 feet shows this clearly due to the fact that this is simply perfect for head-to-pocket use, or as a laptop accessory, but walking around while plugged into your large stationary home audio system is pretty much excluded.

We have already said that the Sonic Over Ear headphones do not seem cheap. And they are not. With the price that’s just shy of $140 many users will have to think twice before choosing Sonic. However, for commuting they are just perfect. Soft, light and comfortable and with just enough sound quality.

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White Sonic Headphones

Volume control and jack of the Sonic Headphones from Incase

Sonic Over Ear Headphones BY INCASE 7

Sonic Over Ear Headphones BY INCASE 6

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