The Gomos Modular Housing System

Samuel Gonclaves is an architect from Portugal that came up with a modular housing system called Gomos System that can be completed in just a few days. Each building consists of smaller units/modules that are assembled on-site. The module or what they call it, Gomos, is made from concrete and assembled together on whatever location the buyer chooses.

18 local companies helped start this project and it was launched late last year in Arouca, Portugal. The individual module is 7.70 ft x 19.35 ft and homeowners can choose how many of them they want. This is a great option because they can start small, and by time add more modules to the house. The modules are suitable for different types of terrain and ground levels.

The Gomos House

Gomos System is a project of modular houses that are setup in just a few days.

The Front Of Gomos Modular House

Each house consists of smaller modules that are assembled on-site.

Each module comes with interior furnishings, flooring, insulation, windows, doors, water facilities, electricity and complete external facade. When ordered, modules are transported to the location and setup in just a few days. The entire process takes four stages- structural modules production, cladding and hardware, transportation and assemblage. “The modeling of optimized [modular] shapes and sizes make their transport easier and effective” said the architect Samuel Gonclaves.

The Exterior of Gomos Modular House

Modules are made from concrete and have glass walls on either side of the house.

Gomos House

Homeowners can add more modules to the house at any given point.

Gomos Houses have a glass wall on either side of it and a series of skylights. Buyers can participate in designing the interior. They can choose the paint, floors, window frames and furniture. There’s also an option of adding solar panels to the house. [via]

Inside The Gomos Modular House

Buyer can choose the interior of the house and add solar panels to it.

Interior Of Gomos Modular House

The inside of Gomos modular house.

Check out this video to see the time-lapse of assembling the Gomos modular house.

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