Alpha Tiny House

Tiny houses are getting more popular and when you think about it, the reasons are pretty much clear. First of all, everything inside is very compact, they are affordable and a perfect way to spend your holidays, weekends or even to turn them into a permanent residence. Alpha Tiny House is designed to maximize the space inside and to be multifunctional.

The house was designed by New Frontier Tiny Homes. It’s located on a custom double axel trailer with a size of 24 x 8.6 ft and the house itself has 240 sq ft of floor space. The durable structure features Western red cedar, a mechanical seam metal roof, and closed-cell spray foam insulation.

Alpha Tiny House With The Porch Opened

Alpha Tiny House has 240 sq ft and is designed to be very durable and luxurious.

Alpha Tiny House Living Area

An entire wall can be opened to create a small porch.

Once opened, the big sliding glass doors provide access from the living area to the outside. Another amazing feature is that an entire wall can be opened to create a porch. Also, the steps that lead into the kitchen can be used either as a storage area or turned into a big dining table.

Alpha Tiny House Dining Table

You can use the staircase to assemble a big dining table, with benches that can be used for storage.

Alpha Tiny House A Look From The Kitchen

Across the kitchen is where the bathroom and the bedroom loft are.

The kitchen is fully equipped with countertops, shelves and cabinets but also with a cooking top, small dishwasher, oven, sink and different kinds of appliances. As for the bathroom, don’t be surprised to hear it has a jacuzzi tub and shower as well as composting toilet, washer, and dryer.

Alpha Tiny House Kitchen

The kitchen comes fully equipped.

Alpha Tiny House Bathroom

The bathroom with a composite toilet.

Just above the bathroom, there’s a cute loft bedroom with a ladder that fits a king-sized bed, nightstands and lights.

Alpha Tiny House Loft Bedroom

The master bed is just above the bathroom, in the loft that can be approached with wooden ladders.

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