Coodo Prefabricated Modular House

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Coodo is a modular unit designed for a variety of uses. It can serve as a second home, office, retreat, or a fully functional living unit. This simple house is practical and gives you plenty of room for customization.

First of all, let us explain its main features. Coodo is transportable so you can choose the location you want. This gives you a lot of options but also shortens the period required to move in. This is because it’s prefabricated, so you’ll skip the construction process.

Coodo located outdoors

Coodo can be used for different purposes. The units are prefabricated and very easy to install.

Thanks to a modular design, you can connect different units to create a home of your choosing. This allows you to plan your living arrangements but also to be flexible, since you can move the units, or even sell if you decide you need less room.

Coodo Interior

You can choose the location and add more units to create a bigger space.

As for the construction, Coodo uses efficient building materials, especially high-tech insulation materials that minimize energy consumption. The wireless smart system connects all electrical devices inside the house and you can control them using a phone or tablet.  The heat pump takes care of heating, cooling, ventilation and production of hot water. Also, the air is always being filtered.

Coodo Living Area

Residents can choose the entire interior.

Installation of Coodo is simple and you won’t need an expert to do it. Also, you can choose interiors, furnishings and the outer wall system. You can get different unit models in white or grey. The smallest unit has 9m2 while the full living 64m2 unit houses a bathroom, kitchen, bedroom and living area. Soon, we’ll get a chance to see those designed for water.

Coodo used as an office

Coodo can also be useful for offices and small businesses.

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