Portugal Pool House | By Colectivarquitectura

Continuing with magnificent pieces of architecture, today we’re talking about a private residence constructed by Colectivarquitectura. This Portugal Pool House is nestled in a peaceful surrounding in Grandola. The property consists of different volumes, an infinity pool and a private driveway.

Minimalistic in their nature, the white volumes of the house contrast the blue sky. Each of the rooms- kitchen, living area, and bedrooms- feature a different height. Besides the master bedroom, there are also two other ensuite rooms as well as two storage areas and a laundry room.

the exterior of a Portugal house

This residential house, build by Colectivarquitectura, is located in Grandola, Portugal.

a view from the abouve of the

The house is surrounded by plains and has a private road that leads to the entrance.

The white, clean look of the exterior is accompanied with a warm interior. Wooden floors are combined with many decorative pieces and characteristic white walls. The kitchen has sliding doors that open up space and lead to a small private terrace. The terrace is used as a dining area and is covered by a thatch canopy.

the communal areas of a pool house

Unlike the minimalistic, clean exterior, the inside of the house is filled with many decorative pieces. However, one thing is common- white walls.

the kitchen inside a house in portugal

Thanks to the glass sliding doors, the kitchen has plenty of natural light. It also opens up to a small dining terrace.

master bedroom and a bathroom

The master bedroom and a bathroom. Besides this bedroom, there are two more.

The same is applied to the large living room. Glass doors lead to a big terrace and an infinity pool that provides the residents with a view of the Portuguese plains. These doors do a good job in blending the inside with the outside. (images via Fernando Guerra)

two private terraces

The living room leads to a big terrace with an infinity pool.

an infinity pool behind the house

The pool area is big and can be used for larger gatherings. It also provides amazing views.

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