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Justin Capra Foundation for Invention and Sustainable Technologies (FITS) developed Soleta zeroEnergy Houses that minimize losses and save energy by using renewable energy sources (geothermal energy, solar energy, wind energy, hydroelectricity).

The main material used in the construction of the houses is wood since it gives off warmth and doesn’t need too much maintenance. SoletaOne house is available as well as four new types of houses- Soleta One+, Two+, Three+ and Four+, each with different size and shape. The houses are modular, which means new sections can be added after the house is built.

Soleta zeroEnergy One Exterior

Soleta zeroEnergy Houses are designed to save energy and minimise losses.

Soleta zeroEnergy One Front Porch

The houses are modular and new segments can be easily added.

Soleta zeroEnergy One By NIght

Each house comes with a ten-year warranty.

Soleta zeroEnergy One In Winter

For heating, you can use a pellet-burning stove or a heat pump.

Houses are created with innovative technical and architectural solutions. To reduce the cost, the roof is made to take over most of the area that’s exposed to the outdoor elements. This will also optimize the wind protection and bring plenty of natural lighting. Another way to save materials and lower the cost is to design the roof that doesn’t have supporting structure-framing.

Soleta zeroEnergy One Living Room

Large double windows provide natural lighting.

Soleta zeroEnergy One Kitchen

The kitchen in Soleta zeroEnergy One House.

Soleta zeroEnergy One Living Room

All floors are made of pine timber and all other materials in the house are 95% natural.

The houses are designed with integrated systems that collect rainwater and provide air ventilation. They have a zero energy cooling system, multifunctional cellular floor system and computerized house management system that reduces energy consumption. It can be controlled via smartphone or tablet and what this system does is manage the thermal energy equipment (used for house heating and water production), lighting, audio, video and ventilation. The use of this system results in 45% less overall energy consumption.

Soleta zeroEnergy One Interior

Houses have clever space-saving storage solutions.

Soleta zeroEnergy One Bedroom

The bedroom in Soleta zeroEnergy One house.

Soleta zeroEnergy One Bathroom

The bathroom in Soleta zeroEnergy One house.

To increase the lifespan of the house, classic concrete foundations can be replaced for tree logs, but just in houses with an area less than 91sqm. All houses are made from 97% recycled materials. The structural frame is made from laminated timber, walls, roof and floor are thermally insulated and houses have double windows.

Soleta zeroEnergy One+

Soleta zeroEnergy One+ House.

Soleta zeroEnergy Two+

Soleta zeroEnergy Two+ House.

Soleta zeroEnergy Three+

Soleta zeroEnergy Three+ House.

Soleta zeroEnergy Four+

Soleta zeroEnergy Four+ House.

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