The Floating Farmhouse In The Catskill Mountains


The Floating Farmhouse is a manor home from the 1820s, renovated with a modern touch. This 200-year-old home is nestled in the Catskill Mountains and is a result of years of work. Because of its cantilevered porch, it looks like the house floats on water in a creek located right next to it.

Interesting to mention is the fact that the renovation was done with minimal impact on the environment. With this in mind, everything was built by hand and even the materials were brought using horses. The designer Tom Givone explained: “I peel back layers, expose what is inherent to the structure, and incorporate it into the final design; add by taking away.”

The Floating Farmhouse Kitchen Glass Wall

The kitchen has a big glass wall that provides the view of the nature surrounding the house.

The Floating Farmhouse By Day

The kitchen leads to the big cantilevered porch.

The house is surrounded by natural landscape. It’s spacious and has four bedrooms and two bathrooms. The new design included some custom-made elements like the glass kitchen wall and polished concrete floors. The kitchen also features a tall wood-fired pizza oven and a bright interior that additionally makes the room look bigger. It leads to the big covered porch that’s just next to the water.

The Floating Farmhouse Kitchen

In addition to high ceilings, the kitchen also features polished concrete floors and bright furniture.

The Floating Farmhouse Fireplace And Pizza In The Kitchen

A wood-fired pizza oven in the kitchen.

As for the master bedroom, it incorporates old hand hewn beams and a fireplace. The rest of the bedrooms have traditional farmhouse furniture such as original cast-iron beds. The designer also used some vintage items for the Floating Farmhouse like a hand-chiseled 1700s Italian marble sink, an old turntable, and antique cast-iron radiators.

The Floating Farmhouse Bedroom

One of four bedrooms, each one being decorated with old farmhouse furniture.

The Floating Farmhouse Bathroom

The Floating Farmhouse has two minimalistic bathrooms.

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