Returning Hut | In Xiamen, China

Built in the wilderness, surrounded by mountains and forests, the purpose of the Returning Hut is to reconnect the residents with nature. The goal with the simple design is that guests don’t pay attention to what’s inside, but outside. This two-storey property is built in southeast China and uses natural materials for the construction.

Since the owner, Mr. Zhang, was born in the countryside, he believes people want to get away from crowded cities and pollution. Furthermore, the life in Chinese cities is becoming tense, the apartments are very small and the height of each floor in buildings is getting smaller. Not a lot of families have a chance to lead a quiet and leisurely life. All these reasons contributed to building this 390-square-metre house.

a view from the secon floor downstairs

Returning Hut is located in southeast China and was made as an escape from the crowded city life.

a view of the dining area

The house has two stories and 390-square-metres.

The interior features simple lines, structures, and furniture. Some of the natural terrain extends inside, like the big rock in the master bedroom and bathroom. The walls are made from exposed stone bricks. As for the rest of the interior, it uses slate tiles and solid wood. “It reflects the essence of space and materials, and presents a space where nature coexists with human,” explained the designer Xu Fu Min.

master suite

It features a minimalistic interior, simple lines and structures.

a ig rock inside a bathroom

Some of the outdoor elements were preserved and incorporated into the house, like the bathroom rock.

The lower floor with double-height ceilings includes two rooms, home cinema, and communal areas. The top floor is where the master suite is, together with the children’s’ bedrooms and a bar. Floor to ceiling windows provide the house with plenty of natural light and additionally make the rooms look bigger. [via]

bedroom window

Large windows are there to connect the rooms with the outside.

wooden interior of the second floor

The interior uses natural materials like stone and wood.

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