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The Mask House | By WOJR

The Mask House is a mysterious sanctuary located in a woodland area in Idaho, NY. It was made as a refuge for a man who lost his younger brother in a lake that the house overlooks. The house was designed by WOJR and together with a dark-clad exterior it’s “a place of separation and protection that …

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Crown House | A Minimalistic Lake House Project

Designed by the Polish architectural firm 81.WAW.PL, Crown House is a minimalistic lake house whose looks follow geometric forms. It was visualized by a 3D artist Michal Nowak with the idea to merge the modern aesthetics with sharp lines and crown-influenced shape. Also providing contrast with the surrounding is the black and white clean exterior that additionally emphasized its location- …

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The Floating Farmhouse In The Catskill Mountains


The Floating Farmhouse is a manor home from the 1820s, renovated with a modern touch. This 200-year-old home is nestled in the Catskill Mountains and is a result of years of work. Because of its cantilevered porch, it looks like the house floats on water in a creek located right next to it. Interesting to mention is the fact that …

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Stunning Apus Kankay House On The Eastern Bank Of A Patagonian Lake

The Apus Kankay House has a contemporary structure with quite an unusual shape, created to provide shelter from extreme weather, icy winds, and rain. Designed by Aguilo + Pedraza Arquitectos, this family lake house is located next to the Rupanco Lake in Chilean Patagonia. The house has two levels, each one serving a different purpose. On the first level, …

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Imagine this: a hot summer day, a beautiful vacant lake, and a house in the middle of it – your house. It sounds like a beautiful dream, but it’s in fact possible. Now you can spend your free days in a technologically advanced floating house called “Floatwing”, designed by Friday, which can be customizable according …

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