One:Night | A Hotel App For Spontaneous Adventurers

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We’re sure that all of you have all been struck with a feeling of Wanderlust before. Simply the feeling of packing up and heading out. No definite plans, simply a call for adventure. Well, if you are the spontaneous type personality, then the One:Night App is just for you!

Designed and built by The Standard, One:Night is essentially an application that allows you to make your plans on the go.

This application gives you a broad selection of carefully chosen hotels offering single night stays in New York and LA.

The app starts at 3:00 pm and gives you a selection of some of the best hotels. Of course, at the lowest possible rates. Considering that sleeping is only part of the adventure, ‘One:Night’ also comes with a 24-hour countdown clock that alerts you to various events. In other words, it tells you what to see, do, taste, and try during your stay.

This is what one customer had to say about One:Night, “Love everything about this app: finally a well compiled list of hotels, amazing graphic, inspired and notes taken by each hotels hourly suggestions.”

This app is also available for free from the iStore.

Get it from the App Store here.

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