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Jebiga Finds Of The Week

We wouldn’t want you to miss a thing this week. This is why we are dedicating this article to new and trending lifestyle items. Check out our Finds Of The Week list below. 1 – Hub Grill By Everdure This week everyone is talking about the Hub Grill. It’s packed with plenty of useful features like its ability …

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Bluefield Houseboats | Turn The Idea Of Living On The Water Into Reality


It’s amazing that even though on water, Bluefield Houseboats look just like regular homes. Each one is custom made in Ireland and gives its future residents an opportunity to help out with the design. Besides looking great, these prefabricated floating homes are environmentally friendly. What do we mean by that? Well, firstly, the entire production process is designed …

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The Floating Farmhouse In The Catskill Mountains


The Floating Farmhouse is a manor home from the 1820s, renovated with a modern touch. This 200-year-old home is nestled in the Catskill Mountains and is a result of years of work. Because of its cantilevered porch, it looks like the house floats on water in a creek located right next to it. Interesting to mention is the fact that …

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Waterlovt | A Custom Luxurious House On Water

Dutch boat builders Belvari Marine represented their latest project, a luxurious house on the water called Waterlovt. It’s completely self-sufficient and designed for those who want to live their life less ordinarily. On your request, they can create a houseboat that will make your living completely independent. The desalination plant provides you with clean, fresh water. There’s the …

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Imagine this: a hot summer day, a beautiful vacant lake, and a house in the middle of it – your house. It sounds like a beautiful dream, but it’s in fact possible. Now you can spend your free days in a technologically advanced floating house called “Floatwing”, designed by Friday, which can be customizable according …

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