La Muna House | Renovated Rustic Home In Red Mountain, Aspen

A few decades ago, there wasn’t a lot of homes occupying Red Mountain in Aspen, Colorado. In fact, one of the first homes built there was La Muna House. Now, this 30-year-old house is renovated while respecting its natural surrounding.

The house is located in an ultra-exclusive enclave. In order to redesign it, the architects found inspiration in the Japanese sensibility of wabi-sabi. Nearby the house, there’s a forest, stream, and a mountain. This makes La Muna House a perfect getaway.

Exterior Of La Muna House

La Muna House is one of the first houses built in Red Mountain, Colorado. It is renovated and looks very cozy and rustic.

La Muna House Outdoors

It was renovated having minimal interference with its beautiful outdoors. There’s a small square infinity pool in front of the house.

Important to mention is that the renovation was done with minimal impact on the environment. The eco-friendly approach doesn’t stop there. With this in mind, the 3,500 square foot house features solar panels that provide the residents with energy and hot water. Additionally, insulated glass windows are responsible for plenty of natural light coming inside.

La Muna House Kitchen

The kitchen uses plenty of wood. Also, natural light comes in through a number of floor-to-ceiling windows.

La Muna House Fireplace

The elegant fireplace in the living area.

La Muna House features a lot of wooden elements for its interior. Besides the regional wood used for the construction, architects also used stone and steel. For example, the kitchen is almost entirely made of wood. There’s a nice minimal fireplace inside for keeping the residents warm during winter.

La Muna Dining Area

The dining, as well as the living area are the best examples of how large windows contribute to more light inside.

La Muna House A Bedroom

One of the bedrooms and a study area with old shelves and desks.

La Muna House Bedroom

Another bedroom at the top floor. The blue light transforms the bright room into a soft light. Perfect for sleeping or even reading under.

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