Renovated Old Farmhouse In The Tuscan Countryside

MIDE Architects had quite a challenging project, to restore an old farmhouse in a hilly Tuscan countryside. The house dates all the way back to 1887. With this in mind, the goal of the renovation was to respect and maintain the old structure while incorporating a contemporary touch.

Architects wanted to save as much of the old structure as possible. With this intention, almost the entire exterior was kept unchanged. They added a large swimming pool in the backyard but kept the vegetation, in particular, the old olive trees as they were. On the contrary, the cottage next to the pool was completely renovated from the inside.

Tuscan Farmhouse From The Outside

MIDE Architects restored an old farmhouse in Tuscany that’s more than a century old.

Exterior Of Tuscan Farmhouse

As a result of the main goal of the renovation, the architects left most of the exterior unchanged.

Swimming Pool In Tuscan Farmhouse

In the backyard, there’s a big swimming pool and a small cottage next to it.

The renovation process continued inside of the house. They left just the original walls of exposed brick, Matraia stone, and chestnut wood as they found it. Furthermore, all the rooms feature designer furniture and customized pieces like the fireplace and living room sofa.

Tuscan Farmhouse Living Room And Dining Area

The interior features contemporary design.

Tuscan Farmhouse Dining Room

They left the original exposed brick, Matraia stone, and chestnut wood.

Tuscan Farmhouse Kitchen And Dining Table

In contrast to the white walls, the modern dining area and kitchen feature darker elements.

Inside the house, you can see contemporary furniture, colors, and materials. The floors are made of wood and concrete and white color highlights the irregular surface of the walls. The colors of the big dining room and an open kitchen were carefully chosen to bring up the contrast.

Tuscan Farmhouse Bedroom

The underground floor was adapted as a spa, with a nice whirlpool bath and cedar wood sauna. This provides an additional place for relaxation, besides, of course, the beautiful swimming pool outside surrounded by olive trees.

Tuscan Farmhouse Underground Spa

In order to create more room for relaxation, there’s a spa under the house.

Tuscan Farmhouse Bathroom

The bathroom with a unique set of tiles.

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