Slalom House | Residential Building With Outdoor Ski Slope | Astana, Kazakhstan

Slalom House was designed by Shokhan Mataibekov Architects. This amazing residential building with a 1,000-foot artificial outdoor ski slope is planned to be constructed in Astana, Kazakhstan. The slope will be made from artificial snow called ‘Snowflex’ that’s simulates the slip and grip effects of real snow and is accessible in summer months.

Even though winters in Astana last from November right through to April and they get very cold, this city doesn’t have options for skiing or snowboarding. It takes four hours by car to get to the nearest ski slope. The best solution for this problem is to build one in the city and putting a slope on a building seems like a very smart idea.

Slalom House From The Side

This building has a 1,000-foot artificial outdoor ski slope descending from the roof.

Slalom House is a 21-storey apartment block with 421 two-bedroom residential apartments. From the roof of the building descents a huge ski slope perfect for winter sports enthusiasts. On the lower floors of the building there will be space for restaurants and retailers. One side of the building will have “panoramic elevators” that will take guests all the way to the top of the slope. Visitors will be able to use the slope even at night.

Slalom House By Day

This 21-storey apartment block will have 421 two-bedroom residential apartments.

Slalom House By Night

Ski slope will also be available by night.

The project will cost around $70 million. Currently, it’s awaiting approval from city officials but there are already a few investors interested. Slalom House was nominated in the residential future projects category at the World Architecture Festival (WAF) in November 2015. (via)

Slalom House On Winter

This $70 million project was listed in the residential future projects category at the World Architecture Festival (WAF).

Slalom House In Astana

Slalom House is just one of the planned impressive construction in Astana.

Check out this video and see how this building will fit the rest of the city.

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