Fitbit Blaze Fitness Watch


At CES 2016, Fitbit introduced the new fitness watch- Fitbit Blaze. This watch will innovate the entire workout experience and will do that in style. It measures steps, distance, active minutes, calories burned and has a few very practical modes.

Fitbit Blaze has a colour touchscreen LCD, stainless steel casing and an elastomer band. Besides the color touchscreen, this watch features PurePulse Heart Rate that gives you a reading every five seconds during the day and every second during a workout. This means you don’t have to wear a chest strap anymore. On-screen workout will provide you with step-by-step instructions for exercises and time frames for each one.

Fitbit Blaze Fitness Watch Faces

Fitbit Blaze measures steps, distance, active minutes and calories burned.

Fitbit Blaze Showing Time

Fitbit Blaze has a colour touchscreen LCD, stainless steel casing and an elastomer band.

Multi-Sport allows you to choose a mode depending on the sport. So, whether it’s running or biking the watch will show real time stats. And if you forget to log in, don’t worry, SmartTrack will record all your exercises. Also, Fitbit Blaze is great for getting feedback on your activities. You can set workout goals and check how well you’re doing, as well as get a summary of each workout when you’re done.

Fitbit Blaze Different bands

You can change the band and choose the color of it.

Fitbit Blaze Worn While Streching

Multi-Sport mode shows stats for different activities.

Fitbit Blaze has a battery that can survive up to five days without having to charge it. This watch is also customizable, meaning you can change the clock face, color and bands (metal, leather and classic). It doesn’t have GPS but it can connect wirelessly to your smartphone to acquire data.

Fitbit Blaze Worn In Bed And While Working Out

You can set it as an alarm and if you forget to log in, SmartTrack will record your activities.

You can use the Fitbit app as well as see notifications on the screen. Fitbit Blaze can also be used for music. You can easily play, pause and adjust the volume. The app has an alarm mode, so set it up for the morning and Fitbit Blaze will wake you up with a silent vibration.

Fitbit Blaze is available for pre-order and will start shipping in March.

Fitbit Blaze app

Fitbit Blaze connects to your smartphone wirelessly and you can use Fitbit app for GPS and stats.

Check out this video to see Fitbit Blaze in action.

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