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Jon Olsson is a professional freeskier and ski racer who spends most of the year following his passion. This kind of dedication requires loads of travelling and carrying expensive and cumbersome equipment around. Such extensive experience brought about the creation of the Douchebag – probably the best ski and snowboard bag on the market at the moment.

Described by its creator as being ‘Developed as a collaboration between skiers, snowboarders, surfers, designers, engineers and airport baggage handlers as well as the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, the Douchebag is the fusion of passion and needs’, it most certainly fits the description.

The Douchebag has an innovative length adjustment system that enables you to have one adaptable bag for gear of any size. The bag itself weighs just 7.5 lbs (3.4kg) which is perfect for plane travels where the weight of your baggage can seriously influence your expenditure. On the other hand, when not in use, the Douchebag rolls up to a form that makes it remarkably easy to store and carry around. As expected, the bag is suitably rigid and provides safe transport for your gear.

Inside compartment of the Douchebag Ski and Snowboard Bag

But this is not all. The extremely useful Shoulder Carrying System features a strap that you can connect to the front handle or the sidewall of the bag and tow it around rather than carry it.

Another great feature is the Hookup System. It enables you to integrate other products from the same manufacturer with the Douchebag. The Hugger bag has hooks that help easily attach it to the Douchebag. This way you can carry it at your back while towing the Douchebag as well. Even more useful is the lower part of the Hookup System. It enables you to attach another Hugger bag to the lower part of the Douchebag. This bag is great for carrying heavier stuff since it is placed right above the wheels where its weight does not present a problem.

Top view of the Douchebag Ski and Snowboard Bag

So, you get a perfectly safe and remarkably light bag for your skis that is wide enough for your snowboard as well and a Hookup System that helps you connect two more bags to it. Add to it the fact that your hands are free all the time while you’re carrying loads of stuff and there is no argument against the Douchebag being the best gear carrying system available at the moment. [via] watch video below

Side view of the Douchebag Ski and Snowboard Bag

Wheels of the Douchebag Ski and Snowboard Bag

Inside of the Douchebag Ski and Snowboard Bag

Douchebag Ski and Snowboard Bag

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