Forcite’s idea for the Alpine Smart Helmet for winter sports was born in 2012 when the company’s cofounders realized just how much additional gear people bring to the slopes. If you wanted to listen to some tunes, communicate with friends and capture footage of your awesome moves, you needed up to an extra kilo of stuff on and around your head. Putting aside the added weight, all these gadgets are mostly ill-fitted for standard safety helmets and encumber your freedom of movement. The Alpine solves these problems by combining all the above mentioned features and more into one streamlined helmet. Firstly, the Alpine is a safety helmet that is built with the best lightweight materials and in accordance to safety standards for alpine sports, so it will save your life. But it can be defined as much more than that. For other cool winter sport helmet reviews, click here.

Alpine Smart Helmet

Just some of the features of the Alpine Helmet

Alpine Smart Helmet

Alpine’s 4K ultra HD camera

The “brains” of the Alpine is EON, an integrated, pocket sized computer that is connected to a 4K action camera, advanced motion sensors that track your run, speakers and a microphone for listening to music or making calls. The EON is positioned on the lowest impact zone of the helmet, and can be removed and reattached to other Alpine helmets.

Each Alpine helmet can be connected to up to two other smart helmets with EON at a distance of 200 meters which means that now you can have clear conversations with your friends with Alpines at the slopes (without walkie-talkies). EON can also be connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth, so you can make and receive calls (without taking your gloves off).  This feature also lets EON upload automatically edited footage from the ultra HD action camera directly to your phone (without a clunky helmet camera mount), and from there to your social media groups with a special app.

The Alpine helmet is also outfitted with an array of sensors that track your altitude, speed, airtime and distance traveled, giving you extensive info on your ski runs. As if all of this wasn’t enough, the Alpine is equipped with trail lights (400 lumen strength) for improved visibility in poor weather conditions. The electronics of the helmet run on a rechargeable battery that has enough “juice” for six to eight hours of usage and is shock, impact and cold resistant. The Alpine Helmet is available in white, black and black matte colors.

Alpine Smart Helmet

The Alpine Helmet is available in white, black and black matte

Forcite’s Alpine Smart Helmet project is currently being funded on Kickstarter with 3 weeks remaining. In true Kickstarter fashion, they’re offering a lot of benefits for early backers, like a 1 year guarantee and $200 off on a helmet purchase, so if you like this idea you should definitely back it and get a good deal.

Check it out on Kickstarter here.

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