You’ve probably heard of or seen all sorts of bean bags – round, square, novelty, elongated – but the following one looks the coziest of them all by far. It is Sheepskin Bean Bag made by Parker Wool, one of the most renowned vendors of wool rugs, throws, pillows and more. If you are concerned about the origin of the wool used by the company, please don’t because Parker Wool uses only ethically-sourced hides from their suppliers in New Zealand, Australia, Iceland, Scotland and Ireland. The sheepskin they use is a by-product of the meat industry and no sheep were bred specifically for use of the skins.

Parker Wool’s Sheepskin Bean Bag is as soft as they come. It is very difficult to describe the feeling of sitting on one, because in this case seeing is believing. Although, contemporary in appearance, this bean bag has all the comfort and coziness of the traditional, well-loved bean bag. It is perfect for a games room, a family den or lounging in a cozy spot in your home wherever that might be. Parker Wool is known for its exceptional quality and luxury and their bean bags are no exception.

Sheepskin Bean Bag is a great addition to your more-adult furnishings since it adds an element of fun. It comes in four different colours – Ivory, Linen, Steel and Vole – which will thoroughly complement any colour scheme you have going on in your home. As far as the sizes go, there are two available 3’ (length: 36.2 inches or 92cm, width: 36.6 inches or 93cm) and 6’ (length: 72 inches or 182cm, width: 72 inches or 182cm). The only downside to this product? Since it is not mass produced but specially made, it may not be available for immediate shipment (the waiting period is usually between 45 and 60 days). [via]

Sheepskin bean bag

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