Top 5 Inflatable Sofas On The Market

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Inflatable sofas have made a dent in the market and we completely understand why; they are comfy, easy to set up, mobile and you can use them pretty much anywhere. There is nothing quite like an awesome music festival, however, if there is one thing that can completely destroy the mood, then that is getting tired and not having proper seating. Well, today we’ll be showing you the 5 best inflatable sofas on the market that will be perfect for your days at the beach, weekends at festivals, or perhaps just chilling out while having a barbecue in your back yard.

1 – Lamzac Hangout

Lamzac Hangout

Lamzac Hangout can be set up in just a few seconds.

Being the first inflatable sofa that we wrote about, we also believed that it should be the first on our list. Designed by the Dutch inventor Marijn Oomen, the Lamzac Hangout was the first of its kind. Marijn used a play of words to get the name Lamzac which is originally derived from the Dutch word ‘Lamzak’, which literally translates to ‘Lazy Person’. Now, if a sofa’s inventor calls his own invention, the Lamzac, you should know that it is comfy.

Marijn Oomen appeared on the television show “Best Idea of Holland” in 2010 and he almost won the show. Without seeing it as a fail, he set out to make it a victory and perfected the idea and the Lamzac was born. It’s small, measuring only 7 x 14 inches when folded and it literally sets up in 5 seconds. You simply hold the open end and drag it through the air 3 or 4 times, roll it up and voila, you have your Lamzac Hangout set up and you’re ready to chill out. It’s made from durable nylon parachute ripstop and has a weight resistance of 200kg. When it’s set up, it measures in at 200 x 90 cm (79 x 36 inches). You can purchase your own Lamzac Hangout in seven colors – Aqua Blue, Black, Fuchsia, Grass Green, Purple, Red and Olive Green.

BUY | $31.95

2 – Frelop Inflatable Lounger

Frelop Inflatable Lounger

Frelop Inflatable Lounger is easy to transport and 2, 3 people can sit on it.

This version by Frelop can handle a carrying capacity of 440 lbs, which means that it is sturdy enough to seat at least 2 or 3 people for those awesome outdoor birthday bashes. The exterior is made from nylon while the interior is coated with PVC to make it airtight. It only weighs in at 2kg and comes with a bag for easy transport. Much like the three other inflatable sofas, this one by Frelop also utilizes air and by simply scooping the entire bag through the air twice and rolling it up, you have your inflatable lounger set up and you are ready to chill. There’s nothing quite like chilling somewhere on a super comfy inflatable sofa in the sun.

You can purchase the Frelop Inflatable Lounger in cool electric blue.

BUY | $51.99

3 – Kaisr Original Inflatable Sofa

Kaisr Original Inflatable Sofa

Kaisr Original Inflatable Sofa features side pockets that are useful for storing your pone, wallet and a bottle of water.

The Kaisr Original Inflatable Sofa first started off as an Indiegogo and they completely smashed their original funding goal by an astounding 19879% (yeah, that’s not a typo). They are currently standing on $3,681,826 and, well, that’s pretty amazing. In many respects, it’s much like the Lamzac, however, with the Kaisr Original Inflatable Sofa they have integrated side pockets. On one side, you’ll find a pocket for your iPad mini/Book and a separate phone pocket and on the other, a can/ bottle pocket. You know, for those ice cold beers on a hot summer day. However, with an ice cold bottled beer, you need an opener and Kaisr knew this and added a bottle opener as well. The Kaisr also has securing loops on the corners to make sure that your inflatable sofa stays where you left it.

When inflated the Kaisr measures in at 225cm long x 85cm wide and has a maximum carrying capacity of 250kg. It inflates in the same manner as the Lamzac by just scooping air twice and rolling it up and deflating it is a breeze since you just roll it. They have also estimated that you can chill for about 6 hours on a single fill of air. You can purchase the Kaisr Original Inflatable Sofa in 8 different colors – True Black, Electric Blue, Hot Pink, Deep Red, Silver Gray, Magnetic Orange, Camo (that was unlocked at $500k mark) and Ibiza White and Gold (which was unlocked at the $1M mark.)

BUY | $49+
Check out this video to learn more about KAISR. 

4 – The Laybag

The Laybag

The Laybag is very durable and can be placed almost on any surface.

Also made from Ripstop Parachute Nylon, the Laybag can be used on any terrain that you might find yourself in. It’s suitable to be used on snow, water, grass and, yes, even rocks. It’s tough and it’s durable. The Laybag also uses improved technology that has been stamped with German Engineered quality and they even went so far as to win the 2016 Hiras World Innovation Product Award; it’s pretty impressive. It sets up in the same manner as the Lamzac and the Kaisr but traveling with it is made super easy since you simply deflate it, fold it up and place it in its carry bag. This means that the Laybag is perfect for those hiking trips and simple to set up when you need a break as well as just chilling with your family and friends at home. Since it can be used on water as well, it’s the perfect pool lounger to have while you sunbathe and read one of your favorite books.

The Laybag is extremely lightweight as well weighing in at only 1.3kg and you can purchase your Laybag in 8 different colors – black, green, blue, pink, clementine, outdoor olive, ruby and sienna.

BUY | $79

5 – Sportung Inflatable Lounger

Sportung Inflatable Lounger

Sportung Inflatable Lounger packs easily in its travel bag.

Keeping up with the post, we bring you this inflatable lounger by Sportung. Manufactured in Nectarine Orange, this inflatable not only looks cool but is super comfy as well. As with the Frelop, it can comfortably seat 2-3 people and is also manufactured out of high-quality Nylon and made airtight with a coating of PVC on the interior. It’s extremely light as well, weighing only 1.4kg, and it comes with a convenient travel bag so that you can take it on any trip where you need ultra-comfortable seating.

When inflated, the Sportung Inflatable Lounger measures in at 200 x 70 x 65 cm and is the perfect size for you to be lounging out comfortably.

BUY | $39

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