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SENQIAO Inflatable Sofa


When it comes to getting decent seating, inflatable loungers really do take the cake. They are easy to use, super comfortable and adaptable to any situation that you find yourself in –  be it chilling at the beach, your back yard or even to get some easy seating for guests. The latest, the SENQIAO Inflatable …

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Top 5 Inflatable Sofas On The Market

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Inflatable sofas have made a dent in the market and we completely understand why; they are comfy, easy to set up, mobile and you can use them pretty much anywhere. There is nothing quite like an awesome music festival, however, if there is one thing that can completely destroy the mood, then that is getting …

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You’ve probably heard of or seen all sorts of bean bags – round, square, novelty, elongated – but the following one looks the coziest of them all by far. It is Sheepskin Bean Bag made by Parker Wool, one of the most renowned vendors of wool rugs, throws, pillows and more. If you are concerned …

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‘Moody Nest’ by German Designer Hanna Ernsting (VIDEO)

Is it possible to show how you feel by using a furniture piece? Sounds silly, but German designer Hanna Emelie Ernsting thinks it is. Under the motto “Form follows moods”, Ernsting has created Moody Nest, a sofa that resembles a bean bag. Your mood actually dictates how Moody Nest is going to look like. With …

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