‘Moody Nest’ by German Designer Hanna Ernsting (VIDEO)

Is it possible to show how you feel by using a furniture piece? Sounds silly, but German designer Hanna Emelie Ernsting thinks it is. Under the motto “Form follows moods”, Ernsting has created Moody Nest, a sofa that resembles a bean bag. Your mood actually dictates how Moody Nest is going to look like. With its large cover Moody Nest will resemble the moods of its user, looking crabby, sleepy, playful or naughty, while making the product seem alive.

Ernsting says that “Moody Nest was created with the intention to provide an especially intense feeling of comfort, warmth and intimacy.” In order to give the sofa more flexibility, Ernsting lengthened its cover up to 3 metres while working with different techniques to accomplish the stability of the material. She used stitching, wadding and quilting to make the cover, as well as worked with innovative materials like 3D textile.

Please contact the designer for pricing and purchasing information at mail@hannaernsting.com

empty green Moody Nest designed by Hanna Ernsting

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