Casa Malca | Pablo Escobar’s Mexican Mansion Turned Into A Boutique Hotel

Season 3 of Narcos was released last week and all of you who watched it are familiar with the life of Pablo Escobar. Now, thanks to an art dealer Lio Lamca who made it possible, one of Pablo’s mansions is turned into an eco-friendly hotel you can stay at- Casa Malca.

This five-star hotel is located in Tulum, Mexico and has 35 rooms available for rent. Casa Malca was originally built in the 80s and Lio started renovating it in 2012. Now, it’s filled with contemporary art, Persian rugs, an underground steam room, pool and rooftop deck.

Casa Malca is an ex mansion of Pablo Escobar loacated in Mexico turned into a five-star, eco-friendly hotel.

The mansion originally belonged to Pablo Escobar whose life got back into the public’s eye after Netflix released a TV series called Narcos.

The white walls and concrete floors are decorated thanks to the work of many contemporary artists. Also, the art is changed from place to place, so each time you visit, you’ll have a unique experience. Not to forget the 180 meter stretch of private white sand beach. You can chill on the sand surrounded by hammocks, palms and wooden cabanas.

There is the main building but also separate ones with suites that have an exit to the private beach.

The beach is 180 meters long and is facing the Caribbean sea.

One of the pools is located under the hotel.

On the ground floor of this eco-friendly hotel, you’ll find a black and white bar with a view of a tropical landscape. The restaurant offers fresh ingredients and locally sourced food. Besides the hotel, you’ll find two buildings with suites decorated in red curtains, timber staircases, and full height glass doors. As for the location itself, Tulum is right next to Caribbean coast of Mexico’s Yucatán peninsula. This place is now becoming a very popular retreat.

One of the suites facing the beach.

There is a bar on the ground floor, decorated with black and white wallpapers.

As for the restaurant, it serves fresh food from local villages.

In general, the hotel is decorated with contemporary art.

Some of the art pieces come from personal collections of Lio Lamca.

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