Nimmo Bay Resort | Heaven For Outdoor Lovers

For all of you searching for a perfect retreat, Nimmo Bay Resort is just a thing. This intimate resort is located in the middle of the Great Bear Rainforest in British Columbia. It was chosen as a National Geographic Unique World Lodge and included in Andrew Harper’s Top 10 Best Fishing Lodges.

The only way to arrive at Nimmo Bay Resort is by a helicopter, floatplane or a boat. This tucked away piece of heaven offers many outdoor activity options. There’s the Wilderness and Wildlife Adventure that explores places around the resort. Some of the activities are kayaking, paddle boarding, Great Bear Rainforest hiking, whale watching, bear watching and marine life tours from a boat.

Nimmo Bay Resort Cabins

Nimmo Bay Resort is located in Great Bear Rainforest in British Columbia.

Nimmo Bay Resort Next To The River

To get to it, you can take a helicopter, floatplane or a boat.

Nimmo Bay Resort Climbing The Mountain

Nimmo Bay Resort offers many wilderness adventures.

For those who like to fish Nimmo Bay Resort organizes Heli-fishing and Heli-fly fishing. They will provide all the equipment and take you to one of 50 isolated rivers and streams around the resort. The helicopter will take you there and you can stay all day fishing Coho, Chinook, Pinks, Steelhead, as well as Dolly Varden Char, Rainbow, and Cutthroat Trout.

Nimmo Bay Resort Fishing

There are Heli-fishing and Heli-fly fishing adventures.

Nimmo Bay Resort Boat Adventure

You can explore one of 50 isolated rivers and streams around the resort.

Nimmo Bay Resort Boat Trip

You can stumble upon some majestic wildlife.

There’s one more option for exploring the wilderness. Helicopter Adventure covers 50,000 square miles and takes you to see amazing 10,000-year-old glaciers, mountain tops, white sand beaches, waterfalls, remote islands, isolated rivers and lakes and cultural museums.

Nimmo Bay Resort Wilderness Adventure

Helicopter Adventure may take you to some breathtaking sights.

Nimmo Bay Resort Helicopter Resort

This adventure covers 50,000 square miles around the resort.

This great escape is perfect for couples, family, friends and corporate retreats. You can stay in one of the nine cozy cabins: six intertidal and three streamside. These wooden four-room units include living area, a washroom and two bedrooms. Each one is equipped with everything you could possibly need during the stay.

Nimmo Bay Resort Wooden Cabin

There are nine wooden cabins available.

Nimmo Bay Resort Inside the Cabin

Inside the cabin.

Nimmo Bay Resort Bathroom

Nimmo Bay Resort bathroom.

Just like each adventure, food is organized in the best possible way. Breakfast is served in the big family-style dining room and lunch at a different location each day. When you finish with all the activities for the day, you can enjoy the dinner on the beautiful floating fire dock.

Nimmo Bay Resort Kitchen

Food is prepared with much care.

Nimmo Bay Resort Breakfast Table

Breakfast takes place in a big dining room.

Nimmo Bay Resort Helicopter Adventure

Lunch is served at the location you find yourself at that day.

Nimmo Bay Resort Dinner

After a long day, a perfect spot for a tasty dinner.

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