Anybody who enjoys watersports and other water shenanigans has probably tried out paddleboarding at some point in their lives. Paddleboarding is a useful and relaxing activity which lets you enjoy awesome views and allows you to be physically active at the same time. But paddleboarding has become even better with the introduction of the SipaBoard, a smart and self-inflating paddleboard. This paddleboard, apart from the already mentioned self-inflating feature, has a lot to offer, especially if you are a beginner. All SipaBoards are powered by a jet propulsion engine called the SipaDrive, which is hidden inside a plastic housing. This makes it very safe as the chance of getting your finger caught in the propeller is eliminated, plus it eliminates all drag when the motor is off.


The SipaBoard is fun and easy to use and has a lot of safety features

SipaDrive has other advantages too. It is completely emission free and almost inaudible which makes the SipaBoard perfect even for protected waters. The SipaDrive can provide you with 3.5 knots of assistance for about an hour or up to three hours at a cruising speed of up to 2 knots. The battery used with this engine allows for 1.000 recharge cycles.

SipaBoard SipaDrive

SipaDrive lies at the heart of the SipaBoard providing propulsion

The paddle used with the SipaBoard is where the “smart” of this paddleboard comes from. The paddle has integrated buttons with wireless controls over the on/off settings and increasing/decreasing speed. This paddle also has a safety feature built into it; if it gets separated from the paddleboard by only a few meters, the engine automatically shuts itself off. An excellent feature in case you fall off the paddleboard while the SipaDrive is on.

SipaBoard deflated

When deflated, the SipaBoard can be stored anywhere

The SipaBoard uses Dropstitch technology which joins the top and bottom layers with a large number of filaments, making it extremely durable and absolutely impossible to over-inflate. When deflated, the SipaDrive just pops out and you can store it, the deflated board and the collapsible paddle anywhere you want. Same goes for transport; you will have no trouble taking it on your trips. Currently available for pre-order on Kickstarter, the basic package, which includes just one SipaBoard, can be yours for $1.440. Do hurry though, because there is not much time left to support this project.

Check out a test run of the SipaBoard.

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