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If you stumbled upon a floating bonsai tree on the internet lately and wondered what’s the deal with it, we’re gonna make everything clear to you. First of all, you should know this is a DIY project, so it won’t just be the most interesting thing to see when you walk into someone’s home, but a fun and creative experience as well.

Hoshinchu Air Bonsai Garden started a Kickstarter project for Air Bonsai. Even if it has one more month to go, the project passed its funding goal more than 5 times. Originating from Japan, this tree has a very rich history behind it and is very important part of Japan’s tradition.

A Floating Plant

Both “little star” and “energy base” can be customized.

This DIY kit is very simple. There are just two components- the top half called the “little star” and the bottom half called the “energy base”. You’ll get the “little star”, which is a moss ball, ready for transplanting the plant and there’s a sponge inside so it’s easy to do so. This part has a built-in magnet and it floats above the base. The “little star” weighs 300 grams and has 6 cm in diameter. The thing you should remember to do is water it from time to time. There’s also a lava stone that can be an alternative to the “little star”. In it, you can plant pines, mosses, elegant flowering plants, whatever is your favourite.

A Floating Bonsai Tree

You can transplant your favourite plant and do it with ease.

The second part, the “energy base”, is made from traditional Japanese “Imari”. Each one is crafted by hand in a process that takes 3 months to finish and you can choose it from four designs. It also has a built-in magnet and a rotating mechanism. When it’s turned on, there’s a red light on the bottom of it that activates. When you put the two pieces together, the result is both a floating and rotating plant.

Paying attention to details is everything. In this project, every part is prepared with care. The kit comes wrapped in traditional and vintage Japanese fabric and placed in a wooden box.

Check out this video to see the amazing Air Bonsai.

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