Norwegian Wild Reindeer Pavilion

Tverrfjellhytta Norwegian Wild Reindeer Pavilion is located right on the outskirts of Dovrefjell National Park (pronouncing the name correctly might be hard). Besides it being a natural habitat for many species, this place is actually where you can find Europe’s last wild reindeer herds. Once you learn this, you won’t be wondering why Norwegian Wild Reindeer Foundation decided to build such a magnificent structure on this location.

The building is 90m2 and its purpose is to serve as an observation pavilion. Thanks to beautiful and historically rich surroundings, the pavilion offers amazing views. In order to get to the building, there’s a 1.5 km hiking trail that overlooks the Dovrefjell mountains, making it a perfect adventure for outdoor enthusiasts.

a pavilion in norway

This beautiful 90m2 observation pavilion is located in Norway.

As for the building itself, it features huge floor to ceiling windows on one side. The pavilion was built from raw steel and glass with the idea to create some sort of a contrast. This is why the exterior is rectangular, with a raw, cold look while the interior has an organic, wooden core. Watch the beautiful video below.

winter view on a norway pavilion and animals surrounding it

This is the last place in Europe with wild reindeer herds.

The large wooden centerpiece is shaped to resemble a rock or ice, serving as a gathering place for those who want to enjoy great views. Finally, to keep you warm, they included a suspended fireplace.

looking through large glass windows

The interior of a pavilion.

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