The Pocket Fly Fishing Rod | by Tenkara Rod Co.

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Tenkara Rod Co from Idaho is introducing fly fishing rods so small and light you can carry them in your pocket. They come it two models: Mini Sawtooth and Mini Teton. Using a high-quality carbon material Mini Sawtooth weighs only 1.1 ounces, and Mini Teton weighs 1.9 ounces. Because they are so small, they have more sections than traditional bigger rods. Compared to the usual eight sections, these ones have around 20-25, so they don’t collapse when using it.

Holding a Tenkara fishing rod over water

Tenkara rods are very light and can stretch up to 12 feet.

Mini Sawtooth can extend to 9 feet and Mini Teton up to 12 feet. Given how small and light they are they can surprisingly be well used for fish 14 inches and under. The edge is rubberized so it can be used as a handle to stay steady when holding it and also so it is not slippery.  Both rods can handle smaller fish amazingly well. They are very precise and delicate, so you can feel the strike even if it’s small fish passing by.

Tenkara Mini Sawtooth and Mini Teton Fishing Rods placed on a wooden table

Rods are made from carbon material and have rubberized edges to increase functionality.

Each one comes with the protective socks and rod tubes. The entire package includes the rod, rod sock, rod tube, line, line clips, flies, and tippet. Basically everything you need to fish. You can put them anywhere, in a pocket, backpack, wherever you wish. The rods are very functional, so when you are camping or you walk pass a good fishing place, you can just take them out without having to carry a lot of fishing equipment around. That way it is very easy to move from one location to another.

A guy putting a Tenkara fishing rob in a backpack

The rods are easy to carry around and you can put them basically anywhere.

Because the rods are built pretty tough that is why the company offers free lifetime warranties. You can pledge it on Kickstarter. It is currently running for about one more month, but they already have 5x more donations than the original goal. The idea is to safely deliver the products until Christmas.

Check out this Kickstarter video to see how it works and looks like.

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