Playa Viva | Sustainable Boutique Hotel In Mexico

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Playa Viva is an environmentally friendly resort in Mexico that offers a unique outdoor experience. Its location is equally stunning- on the one side it faces the Pacific Ocean and on the other side the Sierra Madre Mountains. With a private beach, nearly 200 acres of land, different types of accommodation and experiences, this resort is a perfect destination for nature lovers.

The hotel is nestled near the small village of Juluchuca, on the west coast of Mexico. This tropical destination has both sunny and rainy seasons, allowing you to see different aspects of its wildlife. Playa Viva recently opened its first treehouse that’s raised 6 feet above the ground. It can accommodate three people and features a bathhouse just down the main “perch.” Here, you can enjoy the ocean view and meals as well as practice yoga.

A treehouse hotel in mexico

Playa Viva is a sustainable hotel complex in Mexico. It has a private beach on the Pacific Ocean and offers relaxing experiences.

Playa Viva treehouse room view from the front

The treehouse is their latest addition.

The treehouse isn’t the only type of accommodation this hotel offers. In fact, there are more than seven different types of rooms to choose from, whether it’s a private house, studio or deluxe suite. Especially interesting are the King and Queen EcoCasitas, private one-bedroom houses.

small private houses in the Playa Viva hotel complex

You can stay in different rooms, depending on your taste.

a bed in one of the rooms in Playa Viva hotel complex

The rooms feature many windows and open spaces that connect you with nature.

The rooms aren’t the only thing that makes Playa Viva special. They offer a variety of experiences that will regenerate your body and soul. You can explore the local ecosystem, take yoga and meditation classes, enjoy relaxing massages and spa services. For those who are still looking to get the job done, the complex has wi-fi in the common area.

the staircase leading to the treehoue room

At the hotel, you can enjoy many relaxing activities.

the interior of the Playa Viva treehouse room and the view of the ocean

You may ask what makes Playa Viva sustainable. Well, they use smart water conservation systems, a 100% off-grid solar system, sustainable agriculture, natural designs and local craftsmanship. [via]

a view of the Playa Viva treehouse at night

two images of Playa Viva interior details

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