The Jetovator is the newest water sports accessory. It is an improvement for a personal watercraft that turns it into a flying water bike. It doesn’t come with a power source, because the personal water craft itself is its source of power, so you better find a powerful one in order to use this amazing product.

The Jetovator is compatible with Sea-Doo, Yamaha and Kawasaki. The personal water craft itself is connected to the Jetovator with a 40 foot double jacket hose, providing the redirection of the water thrust from the jet to the Jetovator body. The hose is linked with the personal water craft via a supplied thrust adapter that changes the course of water flow for 180 degrees, so it goes towards the front of the personal water craft. This adapter can be easily attached or detached, so you’ll be able to use it normally again in no time. This system is the same as the ones that other water sports accessories, such as wake boarding or water skiing, use only it works the other way around, because here the accessory is the main power source.

Man using the Jetovator Flying Water-Propelled Bike with a sea-doo

When it’s all set up, the water thrust is used to set the Jetovator in motion and raise it into the air. Now, it’s all up to you and one more person because it needs 2 people to operate it. As a rider of the Jetovator, having two nozzles in your hands, you can control the water thrust and move your water powered bike in any desired direction, whereas the rider of the personal water craft controls the throttle of the engine. All of this might sound complicated, but it is not, because the person controlling the throttle should just keep it around 80% of full power and decrease it only when the other person wants to get down.

Jetovator Flying Water-Propelled Bike with a Sea-Doo

When using the Jetovator you can fly up to 25 feet, dive down to 10 feet for brief durations, speed up to 25 mph, and even do a back flip, a barrel roll or a corkscrew. If you want to control the Jetovator, you will need less than one hour to learn how to use it properly and safely by taking a lesson from an experienced Jetovator trainer. Although it has been tested at large and proven safe, you should wear a helmet and a life jacket and take some time for training before actually using it.

The Jetovator comes at a price of USD 6,975 and you can find many ways to use it, for example, as a great extension for your own personal water craft that will bring you lots of fun. watch video below

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Yellow Jetovator Flying Water-Propelled Bike

Green Jetovator Flying Water-Propelled Bike

Man riding the Jetovator Flying Water-Propelled Bike

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