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Body Glove Men’s 3T Barefoot Warrior Water Shoes


We all know that when it comes to certain watersports, like Stand-Up Paddle Boarding, that many people prefer going barefoot. That’s because there aren’t any shoes available on the market that are applicable. However, all of that changed with Body Glove’s newest release, the Men’s 3T Barefoot Water Warrior Shoes. Comfortable, designed for any and …

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Audio equipment malfunctions caused by a simple splash of water can ruin a perfect day at the beach, unless you equip yourself with the ultimate water resistant audio gear, such as the Swimbuds Sport & Underwater Audio iPod bundle. This audio bundle will make sure that you never have to worry about water damaging your headphones …

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Anybody who enjoys watersports and other water shenanigans has probably tried out paddleboarding at some point in their lives. Paddleboarding is a useful and relaxing activity which lets you enjoy awesome views and allows you to be physically active at the same time. But paddleboarding has become even better with the introduction of the SipaBoard, a smart and …

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If you love water-based adrenaline thrills and use every chance you get to try out new aqua sports, you’ve certainly tried wakeboarding at some point. It’s fun, adrenaline pumping and a great mode of recreation, but unless you have an equally enthusiastic water-loving partner eager to pilot the boat whenever you decide to go wakeboard …

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Water Hoverboard comes from Zapata Racing and it is astonishing. It allows you to enjoy water in ways that were unimaginable before – you can actually fly over it. The force needed for the lift comes via a hose placed at the back of the Hoverboard. There is another hovering option coming from the same …

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The Jetovator is the newest water sports accessory. It is an improvement for a personal watercraft that turns it into a flying water bike. It doesn’t come with a power source, because the personal water craft itself is its source of power, so you better find a powerful one in order to use this amazing …

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Is it possible that no one had come up with an idea similar to the one that spawned the JetSurf? Surfers all over the world have been searching for waves in order to be able to do what they love the most. Now the JetSurf board and its engine provide the fun of surfing wherever …

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