Audio equipment malfunctions caused by a simple splash of water can ruin a perfect day at the beach, unless you equip yourself with the ultimate water resistant audio gear, such as the Swimbuds Sport & Underwater Audio iPod bundle. This audio bundle will make sure that you never have to worry about water damaging your headphones or media device, whether you’re at the pool, on the beach or just working out (FIY sweat can damage audio gear as well, so don’t let it). The bundle consists of an Underwater Audio 2GB iPod shuffle and water-resistant Swimbuds Sport headphones, and together they can withstand any amount of water you splash them with while still playing your favorite tunes.

The Underwater Audio iPod

Underwater Audio iPod water-resistance

The Underwater Audio iPod shuffle is water-resistant up to 200 feet which makes and has 2GB of storage

This iPod may not be the best in terms of storage but its water-resistance makes up for the lack of additional space. You’ll have to make do with only 2GB, but because it is geared towards use in very specific conditions, the 2GBs are sufficient. It can remain functional as long as you don’t go below 200 feet of depth, which is also a great perk. This iPod is also available in a large number of different color variations: space grey, red, purple, blue, green and pink.

Swimbuds Sport

Swimbuds Sport & Underwater Audio iPod adaptability

Looking to go for a swim with this audio bundle? Go ahead, its geared towards sports and water-sports activities

No, these headphones are something else. Apart from being completely water-resistant, they allow you to adapt to almost all conditions which may impede hearing the music, because they are equipped with 4 different types of ear-buds, each one ready to tackle a different environment. Fins are in charge of making a water-tight seal which will prevent water from impeding your enjoyment while the Ergos are here for the physically active people who need more comfortable ear-buds while they are working out.

Swimbuds Sport & Underwater Audio iPod ear-bud types

The Swimbuds Sport have 4 different types of ear-buds so you can use whichever suits your needs best

If you end up somewhere with a lot of background noise going on, use the Trees as they will provide you with an amazing level of noise isolation and a water resistant seal to boot. And for those stroll, where none of these things may get in the way, use the Rounds, because they’re great for day-to-day activities. The cable of these headphones is very short (it does come with its extension cord, don’t worry) so it doesn’t impede your movement during demanding work-outs.

All in all, a bundle of this versatility and water-resistance is certainly worth checking out if you have, at some point, suffered because a simple splash of water ruined your favorite pair of headphones or media device. Don’t allow something like that to happen ever again.

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