Water Hoverboard comes from Zapata Racing and it is astonishing. It allows you to enjoy water in ways that were unimaginable before – you can actually fly over it.

The force needed for the lift comes via a hose placed at the back of the Hoverboard. There is another hovering option coming from the same company and it is called the Flyboard. The system is very similar, but the Flyboard allows you to hover in midair, while the Hoverboard really lets you fly through the air and perform amazing stunts.

The hose is connected to a jet ski and it is 18 meters long. The water pressure coming from there is more than enough to lift you easily and even hover above water at speeds of up to 15mph at about 15 feet up in the air.

Still, the price might be a bit of a problem. The Water Hoverboard costs close to $6,000, so it might be considered pretty expensive. However, just one look at the video below might help you justify the price. Additional plus is the fact that Zapata Racing usually has distributors who rent their products for just a portion of the price, so you will get the chance to try out the Water Hoverboard and decide for yourselves of there is any reason not to buy it. watch video below

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Water hoverboard by Frank Zapata

Water hover board

Water hoverboard

Water hoverboard tricks

Water hoverboard closeup

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