Is it possible that no one had come up with an idea similar to the one that spawned the JetSurf? Surfers all over the world have been searching for waves in order to be able to do what they love the most. Now the JetSurf board and its engine provide the fun of surfing wherever you might need it.

Yes, the JetSurf board packs an engine. A two-stroke one, to be precise. Combined with the hand-made, ultra light, carbon and Kevlar shell, the amazing power to weight ratio allows this board to reach the top speed of 35mph(57km/h) in its most powerful version. Additional weight issue comes from a 3-liter fuel tank – enough for a trip of up to 45 miles.

JetSurf in action

Its looks combined with the engine make it a perfect blend of jet-ski and a surf board. The leash attached to the board that you can see in the pictures serves as a control unit for the throttle, as well as an emergency kill cord used on the jet-skis the same way.

JetSurf Board

The JetSurf is designed to be light – it weighs only 30 lbs with all the necessary accessories – and compact so it is very easy to be transported in any way which is a great feature. Moreover, there is no special permit required to enjoy this product.

Man carving a wave with the JetSurf

However, the price might be the problem. Depending on the type you choose – with three of them available differing in top speeds of 30mph(48km/h), 34mph(55km/h) and 35mph(57km/h) respectively – you will need between $12,000 and $15,000 for your own JetSurf. A redeeming feature is that this product is expected to become fairly successful which will, in turn, cause the price to drop significantly. [via] watch video below

Man using the Jetsurf

JetSurf boards

JetSurf - The New Extreme Water Sport

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