China’s Tree House Hotel | By Bengo Studio

Created by Bengo Studio and located in China’s Anhui province stands a 120 square meters Tree House Hotel. The most interesting thing is its design and construction – differently stacked timber volumes. It’s also elevated above the forest floor of the Huangshan mountains and has a cool entrance- an enclosed glass corridor that leads inside the hotel.

It’s around 20 miles west of Xiuning county and it features a spiral staircase that leads to different volumes and rooms. Speaking of the interior, the bedroom and bathroom are located at the lower levels while the highest volume serves as a landscape room. From this place, the guest can enjoy the surrounding and panoramic views.

the outside of a treehouse hotel

This Tree House Hotel is created by Bengo Studio and located in China’s Anhui province.

two images of Tree House Hotel exterior

It occupies a total of 120 square meters, all arranged in different wooden volumes.

Also, some of the volumes have private decks and accessible roofs. Each room has large windows that provide the space with natural light. The interior is mostly minimalistic, with white-painted walls and wooden floors. [via]

the entrance to a hotel

The enclosed glass entrance to the hotel.

bedroom in a tree house hotel

The bedroom and bathroom are on the bottom floors and the spiral staircase leads to the lounge area located upstairs.

the lounge room

The lounge room with a view of the forest.

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