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China’s Tree House Hotel | By Bengo Studio

Created by Bengo Studio and located in China’s Anhui province stands a 120 square meters Tree House Hotel. The most interesting thing is its design and construction – differently stacked timber volumes. It’s also elevated above the forest floor of the Huangshan mountains and has a cool entrance- an enclosed glass corridor that leads inside the hotel. It’s around …

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Free Spirit Spheres In British Columbia


Nestled in a forest on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada, you’ll find Free Spirit Spheres. They provide a unique natural retreat that allows you to reconnect with the peaceful surrounding while staying in a suspended orb. According to Tom Chudleigh, the mastermind behind it, staying in one of these spheres should be on everybody’s bucket list. Free …

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The 7th Room Treehotel


For those of you who love treehouses, what better than to stay in a tree hotel? Especially when this hotel is tucked in a Swedish natural landscape and built ten meters up in the pines. That’s right, The 7th Room is a perfect place to visit and you can even watch the Northern Lights from there. …

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Playa Viva | Sustainable Boutique Hotel In Mexico

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Playa Viva is an environmentally friendly resort in Mexico that offers a unique outdoor experience. Its location is equally stunning- on the one side it faces the Pacific Ocean and on the other side the Sierra Madre Mountains. With a private beach, nearly 200 acres of land, different types of accommodation and experiences, this resort …

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The Woodman’s Treehouse


The Woodman’s Treehouse is a perfect retreat that blends the natural environment with the luxurious experience. It’s available from this summer for all the guest interested in staying. Because it’s beautifully crafted, no wonder guests often describe this magical setting as ‘Utopia’. This treehouse sits 30ft high amongst the branches of three oak trees. Because of …

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Dom’Up Treehouse


Dom’Up is an innovative suspended treehouse designed as the ultimate getaway. This beautiful and environmentally friendly treehouse was designed by a Dutch arboriculturist Bruno de Grunne and architect Nicolas d’Ursel. They also invented the unique suspension system that makes the treehouse look like a hammock. What’s so special about this system is the fact that’s it’s very …

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Virgin Holidays’ South African Treehouse In London

Virgin Holidays came up with a great way to promote interest in their ‘Wonderlist’ luxury holiday packages. They installed a 35 foot high South African treehouse on London’s Southbank. It’s built mostly out of wood and the design is similar to Lion Sands Reserve treehouse accommodations in South Africa. The treehouse was designed by a well-known interior designer …

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Cocoon Tent Treehouse | Man’s Outdoor Love Nest


If you like camping and spending time outdoors, you can now prolong your outdoor activities and make them a more enjoyable experience. The Cocoon Tent Treehouse is a beautifully designed treehouse tent that’s completely waterproof, very lightweight and also inexpensive. It can be set up in just two hours and once you get in there, …

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Creating something spectacular requires everything you got, but if you have a few helping hands around you, the process gets more interesting and turns into something even bigger. Take for instance, the creation of the Cinder Cone treehouse, which started out as an idea conceived by Forest Huntington and, with the support from his friends, …

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Who says grown people can’t live in tree houses? We are not talking about the ones some of us had when we were kids, but about genuine homes which are designed to incorporate trees in them and offer long-term living accommodations. This idea was put into motion by two German developers, Hans-Joachim Stegeman and his …

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