The Baumraum studio from Bremen, Germany designed this cozy treehouse retreat placed in the Belgian Hechtel-Eksel. Unusually, it is supposed to serve as an international conference centre for discussions regarding sustainability. Its nature is intended to encourage eco friendly and environmentally conscious solutions.

The treehouse consists of two elevated cabins that are on different heights, but that share the staircase, terraces and even the roof. The entire construction rests on 19 angled stilts. The higher cabin is a formal meeting place, that is intended to host major events regarding sustainability issues, while the lower cabin is of more informal character, housing the pantry, coffee lounge, restroom and technology room.

The house makes use of the air-conditioning infrastructure of the nearby museum, which makes it even more eco-friendly. The interior is made mostly of natural materials and with large windows that let natural light inside from all sides. From the outside, the house seems to fit the environment perfectly even at night with warm lights on that do not tamper with the forest environment.

How seriously the entire project was taken we can see from the fact that it was a joint initiative by Sappi, Proximity, the Flemish Forest and Nature Agency and the city of Hechtel-Eksel, Belgium.

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Architecture of Baumraum's Treehouse Retreat

Exterior architecture of Baumraum's Treehouse Retreat

View from the bottom of the treehouse at Baumraum's Treehouse Retreat

Exterior view of Baumraum's Treehouse Retreat and the metal stairs that take connect to it

Patio area with wooden floors at Baumraum's Treehouse Retreat

Bathroom and chalk board wall at Baumraum's Treehouse Retreat

Interior design with wooden floors at Baumraum's Treehouse Retreat

Interior design of Baumraum's Treehouse Retreat

Lounge area with ottomans in Baumraum's Treehouse Retreat

Kitchen in Baumraum's Treehouse Retreat

Interior view of Baumraum's Treehouse Retreat

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