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Proving Negligence in Tesla Accident Cases: Legal Challenges and Strategies

Tesla vehicles are quickly gaining popularity across the globe and for so many reasons. These revolutionary motor vehicles are equipped with self-driving technology to operate without human intervention. The technology utilizes a combination of sensors, artificial intelligence algorithms, and cameras that allow the vehicle to perceive its surroundings and make driving decisions. Among the biggest …

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Tesla Solar Panels

Tesla is changing the face of sustainable energy and they don’t seem to stop. A while ago we wrote about one of their biggest innovations- the solar roof and now we’re introducing you to the newest technology from them – Tesla Solar Panels. These panels are an update to Tesla’s energy segment of the business and …

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Tesla’s Largest Solar Farm Opens In Kauai, Hawaii

Elon Musk, the founder and owner of Tesla, Space X, and Solar City, is largely regarded to be a visionary. Starting with his creation of PayPal, Musk has been looking for ways to change the world into something better. Thanks to Tesla, Musk has opened up the largest solar farm in the world on Kauai, …

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Tesla Solar Roof Tiles


Just recently, Elon Musk unveiled a new project- Tesla Solar Roof Tiles. Sure, we’ve already seen a few similar projects throughout the years, but these roof tiles are actually very functional besides being stylish. The main purpose though is to drastically reduce your electricity bills. It’s commonly known that the energy coming from the sun in just …

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NEW! Tesla Model 3 | IMAGES Revealed


After anticipating it for some time now, Tesla Model 3 is finally revealed. On March 31st, Elon Musk presented the new model in the company’s design studio in Hawthorne, California. “It’s very important to accelerate the transition to sustainable transport”, he said in his speech. After decade’s worth of work, Tesla Model 3 is going to become one of the …

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If you remember the Tesla Powerwall Home Battery system, and you probably do because it made quite a splash in the media, then you will be excited that other companies are pursuing this market as well. Daimler AG‘s subsidiary Deutsche ACCUmotive has been researching battery systems for hybrid and electric vehicles for the past six years, …

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Elon Musk: Tesla, Spacex And The Quest For A Fantastic Future


PayPal, Tesla Motors, SpaceX, SolarCity and Hyperloop, all of these things have two things in common: they are all awesome and Elon Musk is responsible for their inception. If you are unfamiliar with the name and work of Elon Musk (the chances of this are incredibly small), you have a great opportunity to familiarize yourself with …

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The increasing trend of finding new and better ways to increase the amount of renewable energy we produce is something that we should all appreciate and contribute to. Some people and companies have took this task very seriously and are working hard to bring clean energy to our households. Elon Musk, as the head of Tesla …

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As the release of the Apple Watch grows near, various developers have started showing what they have in store for this device. Eleks, a software development company, has unveiled the Tesla app for Apple Watch which will allow you to control various features of your Tesla Models S. Most of us might find Tesla Motors …

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You buy a car and you love it. It’s all new and it feels just perfect. A year later, some things start to rattle, services start costing money and you realize its value has dropped at least 30%. Unless you were smart enough to buy a Porsche. Or a Tesla. The former one because they …

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