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If you remember the Tesla Powerwall Home Battery system, and you probably do because it made quite a splash in the media, then you will be excited that other companies are pursuing this market as well. Daimler AG‘s subsidiary Deutsche ACCUmotive has been researching battery systems for hybrid and electric vehicles for the past six years, and now we see the launch of their home battery system under the branding of Mercedes-Benz and it could be a pretty big competitor to Tesla for several reasons. The first one being that potential buyers currently can’t order a Tesla Powerwall because they are sold out and the second one that the Mercedes-Benz home battery offers a slightly different modular system.

Storage Capacity

Mercedes-Benz Energy Storage Plant household model

A single household energy storage unit hold 2.5 kWh of energy but you can combine eight of them for a maximum capacity of 20 kWh

Let’s start with the energy storage capacity of the Mercedes-Benz Energy Storage Plant first. A single Mercedes-Benz household energy storage unit can hold up to 2.5 kWh which in itself isn’t that great but you can combine up to eight of them for an overall capacity of 20 kWh. Its modular system makes it very desirable and manages to outshine a single 10 kWh version of the Tesla Powerwall. The feature to divert surplus energy gained from the use of solar panels to these energy storage units is supported and this can be done with no energy loss at all. This is a pretty big deal as this is where its efficiency is most evident.

Mercedes-Benz Energy Storage Plant research

Deutsche ACCUmotive’s move to make home batteries is reinforced by the years of research put into improving batteries for hybrid and electric cars

Is It Worth Buying?

Mercedes-Benz Energy Storage Plant industrial model

A single industrial energy storage unit has a capacity of 5.9 kWh

The Mercedes-Benz Energy Storage Plant can be used both in households and companies, much to the joy of business owners as electricity rates for industrial use can get very steep and these stationary energy storage units can make life a easier. A lot easier because a single industrial energy storage unit has a capacity of 5.9 kWh. Of course, the cost efficiency of such products is only noticeable after several years of use, but if you make this commitment, you will be satisfied in the long run. If you are interested into these energy storage units, you can reserve them here.

Mercedes-Benz Energy Storage Plant industrial model on the grid

The first industrial-scale unit is already on the grid

Deutsche ACCUmotive’s entry into this market is a very good thing as it shows that companies are indeed interested into the much needed shift towards more sustainable energy generation systems. [via]

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