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The increasing trend of finding new and better ways to increase the amount of renewable energy we produce is something that we should all appreciate and contribute to. Some people and companies have took this task very seriously and are working hard to bring clean energy to our households. Elon Musk, as the head of Tesla Motors, is one of these people and his latest contribution to sustainable energy is quite spectacular to say the least. Tesla Motors’ new project called Tesla Energy and it revolves around the installation of batteries for homes and businesses. Powerwall is the name given to the battery configured to operate inside your home while the Powerpack is most suitable for you business.

Powerwall battery variants

The Powerwall is available in two variants: the 10kWh and 7kWh

There are, currently, few details available about the Powerpack battery as it will be available for purchase and delivery sometime in the near future. However, details about the Powerwall are abundant. Completely sustainable, with zero carbon emissions, it aims to increase the energy capacity of homes with solar panels but it can also be used in homes with no solar panels to store energy for power outages.

Powerwall combination

You have the option of combining several Powerwall batteries

The Powerwall is said to be very easy to install, taking an hour of time at most. It can fit perfectly on the wall of your garage (it can charge your Tesla vehicle too) since it’s only 3 feet across, 4 ft tall and 6 inches deep. This model is available in 10kWh ($3.500) and 7kWh ($3.000) varieties and in several different colors (black, white and red) so you can choose both the style and capacity of the battery you require. Another great option is that you can install several of them together. As the Powerwall comes with a 10 year warranty, setting aside $3.000 in order to get one isn’t a bad deal at all and it will pay for itself in the long run.

Tesla Powerwall color variants

The Powerwall is also available in several different colors

Some of you are probably thinking that getting a Powerwall battery is not a good move unless you have solar panels, but the option of charging it up while energy is cheapest and using it when it is most in demand can save you a lot of money. Used on a larger scale, pulling homes and businesses off of the grid would ensure the stability of the electrical infrastructure. The Powerwall can be reserved here and you can expect it to be delivered by the end of summer. The Powerpack is probably going to be pushed on the market in early 2016. [via]

Check out the debut of the Tesla Powerwall, presented by Elon Musk.

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