Tag Heuer Electrical Longboard Concept

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We love concepts, because concepts, occasionally and often turn into reality. The concept that we decided to feature is the one and only Tag Heuer Electrical Longboard that just completely blew our minds.

The designer of the Tag Heuer Electrical Longboard is a student at Hongik University in Seoul, South Korea and his name is Geun Park.

Tag Heuer Electrical Longboard with black background

By contrasting the darkness of the carbon fiber with the smooth aesthetics of the rose gold, Geun Pack truly managed to capture the feel of Tag Heuer.

Geun wanted to incorporate the effortless and timeless design that the long famous watchmaker incorporates into their time pieces. Needless to say, it has both class and style. To accentuate the smooth lines and give life to the board, Geun went a step further than his contemporaries, and opted to use carbon fiber for the board itself and to augment its entire aesthetic, incorporated rose gold into his design.

Tag Heuer Electrical Longboard with black background with remote control.

The intuitive remote control allows you to speed up to speeds of 60 miles per hour and also features regenerative braking via a simple to use thumb wheel.

However, that’s not all since this board is not only for show. Geun designed this longboard to be able to travel at speeds of up to 60 miles per hour and he also gave it the ability to travel 35 miles per single charge. Of course, this, and the splendid regenerative braking, is all controlled by an extremely easy to use and lavish intuitive remote control that features an easy to read LED interface. The speed and braking is controlled by a simple and ergonomic thumb wheel that is incorporated into the remote itself.

Tag Heuer Electrical Longboard with black background with a view of the remote storage compartment.

When not in use, you simply place the remote control into the provided compartment, slide it shut and it’s safe until your next ride.

Of course, to make something quite spectacular into something even better, Geun designed a built-in compartment that allows you to store the remote in the board when not in use. Even though it’s still a concept, we, personally, cannot wait to zip around the place in style.

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Instructions for remote control storage.

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